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Advies bureau / Broker

Sell your Boat

Aerotaxi can sell your boat for you, (only for boats moored in the Netherlands) we are not a broker and therefore cheaper. What do we do for you?

● You supply the photo and possibly video clips (if you do not have them, we will come and take them)
● You Supply of purchase documentation and VAT declaration if required. (for trips with boat to foreign countries)
● You deliver the ownership papers, necessary for the sale.
● Registration of boat in your country, if applicable or register if necessary.
● Your boat remains in your (Dutch) home port and you can simply sail with it.
● We make a HISWA related sales contract.
● We place advertisements in Yachtfocus (international) for a period of three months.
● Every bid on your boat will be discussed with you, even if there are formal no bids.
● We will contact you for a trial run and/or a viewing by client. Or we handle this on behalve of you.
● After 1 year you can discuss with us whether you want to extend the sale again.

What will it cost you?

If your boat is not sold after one year or you cancel the sale order, you pay only €50.00 in administration costs plus advertisement cost. (Harbour fees are excluded from sales, thus your own.

If your boat is sold within the period of the order, you pay 5% of the sale price excluding VAT.

We can’t make it any more fun

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