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Flying in a simulator
You can control the cockpit of a modern B737. Fly to the airport of your dreams under the professional guidance of an instructor.

As for any scheduled flight of the major airlines, you will get a 60-90 minute briefing where your instructor will teach you the basic concepts of flying and the most basic functions. You will then take your place in the right-hand seat of the first officer and fly to the destination of your choice. No previous training is required for this.

The perfect illusion of flight
Visual projection units show the outside world with amazing clarity and reality, reproducing the take-off phase, the cruising phase and the landing phase to something not thought possible. Supported by three-dimensional movements and the sound of engines and other events, they give the perfect illusion of flight. From the moment you take your seat, you have the feeling of actually being at the controls of a modern jetliner.

Gift Certificates
If you would like to give this flight in a simulator as a present to someone, we can arrange for you to receive a nice document that you can hand over.

Video equipment
You can buy a video tape of this unforgettable experience in the simulator. Please make sure to ask for it before the session.

Are you ready for the take off?
If you are interested in a flight with the simulator, please fill in the form for a no-obligation quote and we will contact you.

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