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Meanwell Led driver

New batch of LED Power Supply/Trafo 475 pieces.
For the whole lot 475 pieces 10,- each.
240 pieces 14, – Euro each.
100 pieces 16,- Euro each.
1 piece 20,- euro.
Collection in Leiden or shipping.
Shipping cost is exclusive, example is from 1 piece.

We may be able to put you in touch with the supplier of the mating plugs, but you can also cut them off.

This MEANWELL LED Driver / Transformer / Inverter is of high quality and has all the necessary approvals (CE, ROHS, TÜV). This inverter is suitable for all lighting with a power supply of 24 Volts. The maximum capacity of this LED driver / transformer is 150 Watts. However, we recommend not to load it higher than 130 Watt. In connection with that this ensures the optimal lifetime of this inverter.
Due to the waterproof housing with an IP value of IP67, you can use this MEANWELL inverter also in humid environments.
Very suitable for, among others: LED strips 24V, LED modules 24V, other LED products of 24V, but also for other household products of 24V.
This LED converter / transformer from MEANWELL has a metal housing of which all sides (except bottom) should be kept free due to the heat released during the conversion. Cooling is important and also promotes the life of this MEANWELL transformer. You can just mount the bottom somewhere, this is no problem.

  • Amperage: 6.25A
  • Max. Output voltage: 24V DC
  • Dimmable: YES
  • This inverter is for professional use only!
  • Protections against: Short circuits, Overload (auto recovery), Overvoltages.
  • High efficiency, Long life, High reliability.
  • Meets 5G – Vibration Test
  • Operating height: Max. 5000M
  • Dimension: 294 x 63 x 36 mm (LxWxH)
  • Separate ground wire to housing.

ELG 150 spec.sheet

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