Flying in a simulator

You can hold the control column from a modern jetliner i.e. B737 . Fly to the airport of your dream under profesisional guidance from an instructor.
As for every line flight from the big airlines, you get a 60-90 minute briefing where your instructor tells you all about the basic princples of flying and their most elementairy functions. thereafter you take place in the seat of the first officer and flies to the destination of your choice. There is no further training needed.


The perfect illusion of flying
Visual projection units let you see the outside world with an amazing clarity and reality, reproducing the startfase, cruise and landingsfase to something you would not have held for thru. Supported by 3-D movements and other occurences of the simulator, gives you the perfect illusion of flying.  As from that moment on you are in control of a modern jetliner.


Gift Certificates
If you would like to give this flight in a simulator as a gift to someone, we sell you a gift certificate and make the arrangements with you.


Video equipment
From this unforgetable experinence in the simulator you can buy a video tape. Make sure you ask  this wel before the session to prevent dissapointment.


Are you ready for take off?
Are you interested in a flight with the simulator, fill out the simulator form and we will contact you, this is free of charge of course.

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