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Temporary no VAT up to 20.000 Euro revenue, be quick after that al invoices including VAT!!


Aerotaxi Unlimited is advise agency, working in four branches. I.e. Aviation, Marine, Commercial advertising and Technical.


Our core business is Aviation:

An increasing number of companies and business people have already found their way to tailored business flights. For some individuals a daily routine,  for others an absolute necessity. They all understand the thru value of their time and business

The moment you choose your private charter, weather it is a business jet, helicopter or an airliner, you are the one who decides:



You choose the schedule, and alters it if circumstances change.
You choose the aircraft type, the comfort and the facilities on board.
You travel alone or accompanied with collogues/friends of your choice and no one else.
You select the airport you want to use or those to avoid, using private terminals to avoid  busy and crowded terminals.
Your flight is confidential, unpublished and confidential matters remain confidential.


Now that we have put you in control, Aerotaxi will be glad to assist you with making the right decisions.


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