General terms and conditions boat transport

 Note: The owner, representative or person acting on his/her behalve will be called "client" and should have full signing authority to act as such.

Mentioned prices are excluding fuel, oil, lock- or harbor and accommodation costs;   

50% downpayment with order;    

If an overnight cannot be on board the vessel, we will charge hotel costs;

All costs made for the transport of your vessel are charged to the to party that agrees the order; 

After the transport Aerotaxi will send a specific after calculation;

The owner or client declares that the vessel is in a state whereby the planned route can be made;

If during inspection or during the voyage it turns out that the vessel or parts thereof, to the judgement of the skipper are limiting a safe journey, it will be repaired by  the owner or the owner agrees that it can be repaired by the skipper at cost of the owner. Which then will be specified on the after calculation;

The voyage may be terminated by the skipper if to his judgement this voyage cannot be full filled in a safe matter. In that case the daily fee (8 hours) plus all expenses, travel arrangements back to the hometown of the skipper and his crew are still applicable;
Recent tested safety equipment needs to be onboard;
The vessel needs to insured for damages, theft and liability. The owner or client declares that the insurance policy from the vessel covers that the vessel is transported by a commercially paid skipper and his crew;   
The skipper or his crew cannot be held responsible for damage or wear that occurs during the voyage or delivery of the vessel. Nor can he be held responsible for storage and salvage costs. If during the voyage damage occurs, the skipper wil try to repair this himself and in the case he fails, contact will be made to the client or owner. If due to the damage the vessel cannot sail the daily allowance plus expenses will be charged;

In the case of an own risk it will be for account of the client;   

The skipper and his crew may use the facilities on board, i.e. lavatory, shower, kitchen, etc. Wij will take care that everything used will be cleaned and left in an orderly manner. 

Illegal activities

The client declares that the transport of his vessel will not be used for drugs, smuggling or other illegal activities. When discovered by crew it will be reported to the authorities.

At last  
We also sail on bank holidays, for this an additional fee of 25%  applies on the daily allowance