Sell your boat?

Aerotaxi can sell your boat for you, we are not an Estate agent, therefore we can sell your boat cheaper. What are we doing for you?


  1. You deliver photo and or movie material (if you don't have that we will do it for you)
  2. You deliver purchase documentation and VAT declaration (if applicable)
  3. You deliver owners papers, necessary for sale.
  4. Registration of boat "kadaster" (government register office) if necessary
  5. Your boot will stay in you home harbour and you can stil use it.
  6. We make a HISWA related sales contract.
  7. We place ads in magazine i.e. Yachtfocus (international) for a period of 3 months.
  8. Every bid we get on your boat will directly communicated with you, also if no bids are coming.
  9. For shakedown cruise or general visit we will contact you.
  10. After a year you can decide if you want renew your sales order.



What does it cost you?

If your boat is not sold after a year or if you cancel the sales order, you pay only 50,- euro administration fee. The same applies for a rewed sales order for a year.

If you boat is sold within the sales order period, you pay 5% of the agreed sales price ex. VAT 

We cannot make it any nicer

Click Sales order boat for the sales order or go to menu on the right side