Painting sales

Paintings below are made by me (Peter C. Mantel) and are on sale on this website. It is a selection from my private collection, painting in watercolour, oil paint and Acrylic. Each painting is unique.  

Note: By clicking on a picture, a new enlarged photo wil appear in a new browser tab. To return to the website simply close the new tab with the enlarged photo. The photographs sometimes show and line or distortion, this of course is not on the painting.

All paintings unless noted are sold without a frame, because a picture frame is often personal. Of course we can customize a frame in consult with you. These cost are excluded from the painting price. For more information and completing the sale you can contact me thru the contact form.  


Oil paint on carton 27x21 cm

€ 45,-

Watercolour on paper 40x30cm

"Sunset sailing"
€ 75,-

Oil paint on carton 40x30 cm

€ 80,-



Oil paint on paper 40x30 cm

€ 65,-

Oil paint on carton 40x30 cm 

€ 55,-

Oil pain on paper 40x30 cm
including passe partout en frame

"Shoreline Surf"
€ 65,- 


Oil paint on paper 48x36 cm


€ 45,- 


Acrylic on canvas 50x40 cm

Erotic "Male"
€ 165,-