Other activities from Aerotaxi

The core business where, how can it be, born out of years of experience in the Aviation branche. But due to the financial crisis in 2008 a drastic change occured in this market segment. Airlines  had to adjust their relations with third parties due a rapid decreasing market segment. No need to explain further that this of course affected the core business of Aerotaxi. We started looking to other innovative tasks suitable to our expertise in this quick changing hostile environment. Aerotaxi was already working for years in some other branches i.e. Aviation education, Marine branche, advising and advertising world. In those new branches we looked for connection to our business. Below you see some of the topics: 

Aviation training

  • Basic Airplane knowledge (4 hours)
  • Flight simulator training
  • Licensed Ground Engineer > 30 year experience FAA A/P 

Marine branche

  • Boat transport within Europe
  • Marine webshop (in development)
  • As brokerage we can sell your boat for you.

Commercial advertising

  • Aluminum advertising frames with fabric prints (with or without LED lights for expositions, shop or exhibitor stands)
  • Advise and idea realisation


  • The writing of manuals in the english language
  • Marine and diesel experience


I  have well above average experience on all mentioned branches and would like to discuss with you what I can do for you or your company. I am 24/7 available between okt 1st and april 1st on a freelance basis. First consult is free. Hourly rate € 30,- p/hr ex VAT and travel expenses.

Would you like know more what Aerotaxi for you or your company can do, don't hesitate to contact us thru our contact form or direct per cell phone   +31(0)622226472

CV on request.