Time is money. . .

The modern businessman from today must schedule his time as effiently as possible. Time is money. Speed of handling and reacting on the possibilities that occur determine the succes of the businessman.
Those who travel for business encounter often problems to do so.


Tailored Flying. .

Aerotaxi arranges business flights per charter tailored to your needs and schedule for a sales meeting, exhibition or congres. A combination of those becomes really attractive if it can be combined in a relative short time.


Business flying … invalueable!

Coming home before the weekend, relaxed and satisfied. Time for your family. . . . invalueable! With a regular airline you'd still be travelling. More appointments on one day, perfectly combined and adjusted to ad hoc changes from that moment without extra nights over. . . Invalueble!


The advantages of travelling by privéjet:

  • You will arrive "last minute" on the airpot, only 15 minutes before your departure.
  • Crew and airplane are ready waiting for you, go direct on board.
  • Choice from over 2000 airports in Euro.
  • More travel destinations/appointments in one day possible.
  • Unlimited relaxing, working or business like communiating during your flight.
  • No time loss due to waiting times, delays or transfers.
  • You travel comfortable and luxery.

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