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Aerotaxi Unlimited is an advisory agency in the broadest sense, working in four branches. These are aviation, water sports, world advertising and technical. More information can be found in the menu.

Boat sales and technical
Commercial with light boxes
Translation instruction manuals

Our core business is Aviation

Founded in 2000, Aerotaxi’s core business was tailor-made business flights. Renting out private jets to the business market. This changed around 2008, partly due to financial crises. Multinationals had to make cutbacks, as a result of which this market came to a virtual standstill and people fell back from business jets to business class. From that moment on, when the market started to pick up, we had to do something else because people had become much more cautious. For example, we looked into other market segments, but we have not yet abandoned aviation, a brief overview of which is given below:

Business Flights and Charters
An increasing number of airlines and business people have already found their way to customised business flights. For some a daily routine, for others an absolute necessity. They all understand the real value of their time and their business. The moment you choose your charter, whether it is a business jet, a helicopter or an airline, you are the one who decides

Flight booking
A booking machine where you can safely book your flight
Training courses
* Simulator rental for pilot training
* Aircraft Knowledge Course
* Crossing your boat
* Sell your boat
Other activities
* Advertising and Ideas
* Building your instruction manual
Sale of paintings


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