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Other activities of Aerotaxi

The core business of Aerotaxi has its roots in years of experience in aviation. But partly due to the financial crisis in 2008, this has changed. Airlines had to adjust their relationships with their partners as a result of the rapidly deteriorating market. The fact that this also affected Aerotaxi’s core business needs no further explanation here. So other innovative tasks were sought that we could perform with our expertise to survive in this rapidly changing environment. Aerotaxi had already been active for years in several other branches, namely aviation education, water sports, consultancy and advertising. In these new branches we looked for connections that we could adapt in our programme. Some of the topics are listed below:

Aviation education

General Aviation Knowledge course
Flight simulator training
Ground Engineer with more than 35 years experience
In possession of FAA A/P licence

Water sports

Boat transport within Europe
Webshop water sports articles (in development)
As an advice bureau we can also sell your boat for you
Advertising world
Advertising frames (with or without LED lighting) for exhibitions, shops and fairs
Advice and idea realisation


Writing of manuals in Dutch or English
Experience with diesel engines
I have extensive experience in all the above-mentioned branches and would like to discuss with you what I can do for you or your company. I am available 24/7 between Oct 1 and April 1 on a freelance basis. First hour free of charge. Hourly rate € 30,- ex vat and travel costs

If you want to know more about what Aerotaxi can do for you or your company please do not hesitate to contact us via contact form or call us directly +31(0)622226472

As said before, Aerotaxi is an all-rounder and can advise you about ideas, advertising, translating manuals, etc.

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